Building up a startup requires a lot of work from yourself and your employees. Picking the right employees is where it starts. Having a team that you can rely on and spend your time being productive in other ways than babysitting, is a good way to start.

So what traits should you be looking for?

Well first off, you want your employees to be self-starters. Individuals that can get going without a clear outline or a babysitter, are always beneficial to any business. People who can actually finish what they start without you watching over their ever room is a must. Self-starters can even think of new innovative ideas for your growing company, the more the merrier.

Clear thinkers are those who can unclutter their mind with the daily tasks that need to be done, and regular emotions an employee deals within their personal lives.

Uncluttered thinking is always about being able to figure out the two-three things that matter in any situation, and equally importantly, being able to ignore the less important variables irrespective of how much noise others may raise about them. Ultimately, being able to filter out the unnecessary.

Nothing is worse for a business than a team of self-doubters. When looking for employees, try to pick out those that are self-aware. Being that a business runs like a cog, and needs every piece to run smoothly for it to be successful, having a team of self-doubters will essentially delay your success. Self-doubters won’t trust their instincts, ask questions when it’s too late, and bring down others with them.

Team players are an essential part of your team! These are the employees you like to have because they set the standards high, can handle constructive criticism, and provide feedback. They do everything to the best of their abilities and don’t worry too much about who gets the credit, as long as it done.

Look for candidates with these traits to propel your business from a startup to a growing business with a growing team!