With multiple stores going out of business because of corporations like Amazon, and other online shopping sites, it is getting harder to advertise in stores that people don’t visit. So as a business owner, where do you advertise, other than online, newspapers, or tv?

There are three businesses that people will always have to visit physically. Laundromats, barbershops/salons, and last, but not least,¬†SUPERMARKETS. Supermarkets are the key to advertising to your local audience! Especially with our Brand Bars, shoppers will have to touch your ads. They can’t just skip the ad, change the channel, or throw it out.

Advertising in a supermarket will get you a better chance at being noticed. People who go to the supermarket, don’t go just once. Shoppers tend to go 2-3 times a week! That is a lot of exposure, rather than the 5 seconds they may see it in other forms of advertising.

To fully take advantage of Supermarket Advertising, you should have your ad in effect for at least 6 months to a year. This is for branding, chances are you won’t get a client the first time they see your ad. The way you get clients is by being the most recognized. The more shoppers that see your ad, the more they will think of your brand when a problem in your field occurs. So, next time they do need your service they know exactly who to call.

A business owner looking to grow their brand within their community, advertising in their local supermarket is a no-brainer. That is the best way to reach your target audience because of the number of people who grocery shop.

That is what you get when you advertise with inMark, repeated exposure to the right audience.


If people don’t see your ad, you are basically flushing money down the toilet. With our brand bars, people will always be exposed to your ad, and for more than 5 seconds.


With repetitive exposure, people will be unconsciously thinking about your business whenever there is a need for your product or service.

Precise Targeting:

Now that your ad is repeatedly exposed, it is about who you are targeting. With other ads like a newspaper or a TV ad, you can’t really pinpoint who you are targetting. If you are a small local business, then you need local advertising. And the local supermarket is the best place to do so!

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